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What’s the Word? A Vocabulary Development Program

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For deaf and hard of hearing students, incidental learning of new words can be challenging. Therefore, explicit vocabulary instruction is highly beneficial for developing deeper comprehension and more robust expression.

Tier 1 words are used commonly and are typically easily acquired. For example, the words run, see, and water. We use these in everyday life for general communication. Tier 3 words are specific, highly specialized, and much less common in everyday vocabulary. For example, the words mitosis, filibuster and triadic.

Tier 2 words will be the focus of this program – high frequency vocabulary that stretches and adds richness to our communication. When we say hilarious instead of funny, or predict instead of guess, we are engaging Tier 2 vocabulary knowledge.

Come join us for an exploration of Tier 2 English vocabulary.

In this program, students will have opportunities to:

  • Explore new words
  • Play word games and do activities designed to support fluency
  • Practice new vocabulary in conversation
  • Explore synonyms and antonyms for the new words
  • Guess the meaning of the word through context clues