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Virtual Learning Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to take part in Virtual Learning? (ASL)
    Our programs are open to direct and consult students from across the four Atlantic Provinces. You will find more information about individual programs in our course descriptions, which are released throughout the school year.
  2. When do APSEA Virtual Learning programs happen? (ASL)
    Our programs take place during the school day.
  3. How do students take part? (ASL)
    Students log into virtual learning from their school or home environment.
  4. What is needed to participate in APSEA Virtual Learning? (ASL)
    Students need a computer with access to high-speed internet and a quiet space to work. A microphone and speakers are also recommended.
  5. What platform is used? (ASL)
    We use Zoom Health, a secure online platform that ensures student privacy. Students do not need to have their own Zoom account to participate.
  6. How do students register? (ASL)
    Itinerant teachers, school teams, and families should discuss the program offerings and determine which are a good fit based on student interests and learning goals. The registration process is quick and simple and can be completed entirely electronically.
  7. When does registration take place? (ASL)
    There are three registration intakes during the school year: in September, November, and February
  8. How many programs can students take? (ASL)
    Students are welcomed to participate in as many programs as their school teams, families, and itinerant teachers determine are appropriate.
  9. Can a student take more than one program during any given registration? (ASL)
    Yes, students are invited to take multiple programs at a time as long as it is reasonable for their school-based schedule.
  10. The program description says grades 5 – 7. My child/student is in grade 4 but I feel this would be a good fit. Can they take part? (ASL)
    We provide grades as a guideline to help school teams, families, and itinerants determine the best placements. However, we recognize that students’ development, needs, and abilities might not always fall specifically within these ranges. We would be happy to talk to you about any students who fall outside the suggested grades.
  11. Are the same programs offered during every registration? (ASL)
    To offer the greatest variety, program offerings are subject to change throughout the year.
  12. What should I do if I would like my child/student enrolled in a program? (ASL)
    Contact your itinerant teacher to discuss the program offerings and whether a referral is appropriate.
  13. What lengths of programs are offered? (ASL)
    We offer three categories of programming, with timeframes selected based on the nature of the program content:
    • Workshops are short in length, running 4 – 6 weeks.
    • Foundations programs are longer, running 10 – 12 weeks.
    • Cohorts run for the entire school year. These programs are designed to take place over extended periods of time to allow for in-depth exploration of the learning content.