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Orientation and Mobility Activity Calendar - Week 1

Day 1:

Outdoor Fun!

Plant some flowers or plants.

Planting small plants or flowers can either be done with hands only or with small garden tools. The actions of digging a hole, planting a flower or plant and covering with dirt is a fun activity than can be done without difficulty.


Day 2:

Make your own lunch!

Decide what you’re going to have.

Make a list of items you might need.

Get the different items out of the refrigerator or cupboards and return them when you’re done.


Day 3:

Look After Your Pet for the Day!

Learn how to feed, water, and brush them (with supervision).


Day 4:

Make a sculpture out of nature!

Use some of the nature items you've gathered on a walk to make a sculpture or fun creature.


Day 5:

Gather Information About Your Local Mall:

Is there bus access available?

How many entrances are there?

Which entrance will you use to enter the mall?

What type of stores are available?

What is the layout of the mall?

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