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Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Latest Articles

  • What is my child hearing: Using the Ling-6 Sound Check
    A simple activity that uses six sounds to check if a child’s hearing aids or cochlear implants are working well.
  • Pets and Moments
    Build vocabulary and language skills around experiences that are already part of your child’s day.
  • Involving Siblings (PDF)
    When your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, so much of your time and energy can become focused on that one child and their needs. You might be wondering how to balance this with meeting the needs of other siblings. Check out this article for some quick tips on involving siblings.
  • Communication Strategy: Serve & Return
    Serve and return happens when a quality exchange occurs between caregiver and child.
  • Jolly Phonics
    This tool is a great start for children to learn different sounds and action signs for each letter.


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