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Do I need to send two print copies for alternate format production?

  • To help reduce eye strain for the staff member working on the text
  • Three staff members may be working on a text at any given time: the producer, the proofreader, and the tactile illustrator
  • There are occasional errors in the PDF
  • Some texts are difficult to interpret over several pages
  • The PDF does not allow the producer to view the whole page while maintaining consistent formatting if there is small text

What are the default braille production specifications?

  • Single Spacing
  • Contracted braille
  • Double sided
  • Each print page will be brailled directly after one another, there will be no separation of print pages
  • Brailled based on a 40 cell line
  • Paper size is 11.5 x 11

What other braille production specifications are available?

  • Double Spacing
  • Single Sided
  • Start Each New Print Page on a New Braille Page
  • Provide a sim-braille copy with print line in addition to the Braille
  • Produce on paper size 8.5 x 11
  • Include a special description of a photograph

Where is the answer section in my student's braille edition of the math textbook? 

When a math text contains answer sections each braille volume produced will contain answers for the sections it covers. The title page contains information about the pages contained in each braille volume. For instance: Print pages 65-72 & 265-267.

This practice is followed by most production houses within Canada. So whether your textbooks are borrowed from other lending partners or produced in-house the braille volumes will contain the answers for the pages covered within the volume.
A note of this change is contained on the Transcribers' Notes page in the preliminary pages of each braille volume.

In addition, the answer section will also appear on the contents pages of each volume where answers are included.

♦ Does the APSEA Library purchase e-books?

Currently, the APSEA library does not purchase e-books.

The commercial model for purchasing individual e-books does not allow e-books to be shared. E-books are sold by a variety of vendors (Chapters, Amazon, iTunes etc); however, the e-books purchased from these vendors have license conditions that prohibit them from being shared among library users. They are linked to a personal account and have a one-reader, one account license. In addition the vendor retains the ability to track and monitor your use of the e-book.





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Literature For The Blind labels to be printed on Avery 5160 label sheets

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APSEA is a cooperative agency between the Provincial Departments of Education of
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