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APSEA Connect: Online Programming Designed to Empower, Enrich, and Educate

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Welcome to APSEA Connect, our online resource for families, school teams, APSEA staff, and community partners. We commit to offering robust programming and resources that are culturally and linguistically responsive, inclusive, equitable, and accessible.

We invite you to join us for programming that introduces you to professionals and community agencies, highlights the supports available to your child or student, builds connections amongst families, and develops students’ transference of skills from APSEA Virtual Learning Series programs to their real life, day to day worlds.

Each of our programs is carefully designed to meet the needs of both the intended audience and the facilitators. To allow the greatest flexibility, we offer both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities throughout the year. During synchronous programs, the facilitators and participants come together virtually for real time discussions and information sharing. During asynchronous programs, the facilitators provide information that can be accessed by participants at their preferred time.

Upcoming Programs

APSEA Connect programs are offered in three customized formats.

Online Learning Tables
These webinar style sessions highlight a wide range of topics and are designed as stand-alone, information sharing events. APSEA Connect Online Learning Tables are synchronous in nature and are open to adults – parents/caregivers, school-based partners, community partners, and APSEA staff members.

Partners in Learning
Our Partners in Learning programs are designed for parents/caregivers and school-based staff, focusing on specific areas of interest. These programs are designed to have interactive and informative live sessions with the inclusion of sharable resources for future reference (synchronous and asynchronous). Offered sequentially throughout the year, participants are invited to register for the sessions of their choice. APSEA Connect Partners in Learning programs provide opportunities for parents and professionals to come together in an inclusive environment to share learnings as we work to support children and youth who are Blind or Visually Impaired and Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Learning Parallels: Enhancing Virtual Learning
These groups, based on child/student enrollment in the APSEA Virtual Learning Series (VLS), introduce families and school teams to the content students are learning in VLS programs, as well as additional resources, with the goal of supporting transference of students’ skills to their home and school environments. APSEA Connect Learning Parallels run for the duration of the child/student’s VLS program and are primarily asynchronous in nature.

APSEA Connect programming is available to families, school teams, community partners, and APSEA staff across all four Atlantic Provinces, with updated program information shared here frequently. Please join us for programming designed to empower, enrich, and educate.

For more information please contact us.