APSEA does not sponsor, regulate or control any APSEA staff, student or parent related groups or service other than those directly on this web site. All information on services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are the responsibility of the poster. APSEA can not remove posts on these sites or censor them in any way.


The following is a list of know groups or links to social, business or other sites related to APSEA.


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APSEA Interpreters group on Facebook : APSEA interpreters have a closed group on facebook.

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APSEA Parents group on Facebook : APSEA parents have a group on facebook.



APSEA is a cooperative agency between the Provincial Departments of Education of
 New Brunswick,   Nova Scotia,   Newfoundland &  Prince Edward Island 
Located at 5940 South Street Halifax, NS, B3H 1S6