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  • Relaxation Strategies - Marlene Breitenbach
    One strategy for addressing anxiety is to teach relaxation strategies that the individual may use “in the moment” when he or she is facing a situation that causes anxiety.
  • Social Narratives - Marlene Breitenbach
    Some learners with diverse needs may benefit from structured opportunities to practice and rehearse situations that are challenging for them.
  • Transitions in Rural Communities - Annamarie Talbot
    Transition planning is an essential part of the program planning process for students with diverse needs. 
  • Using i-Pad Technology to Support Students with ASD - Barry Hicks
    Exploring the benefits of using i-Pad technology to support students with ASD in school, home, and community settings.
  • Families as Partners - Sheri Gallant
    Practical and simple actions that have helped to build positive and collaborative relationships between families and school teams.
  • Bridging the Gap - Raeanne Adams
    Helping students with ASD successfully navigate the challenges of moving from one school to the next.
  • Current Research Regarding Time-out - Shelley McLean
    What time-out is and what it is not, clearing up some common misconceptions about time-out and highlighting the research that exists on this important topic.
  • Social Skills Training for Elementary Students on the Autism Spectrum - Jill McMullin
    Elements of facilitating a social skills group for elementary students on the autism spectrum.
  • Peer Sensitivity Training - Danielle Rochon
    A collection of examples of different ways to educate and engage the peers of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
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