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Serving Children and Youth Who are Deaf,
Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired.

APSEA News & Events

Junior Blind Golf

Learn how to hold a club, hit balls and to putt with communication and teamwork.
Monday, June 17

Player in sneakers with red laces using a golf club and white golf ball, with the cup in the foreground
Diagram of an atom

APSEA Connect Day
Innovation, Creating, Building

Person walking with a white cane in a cross walk in an urban setting

New Brunswick Urban O&M
Learners from Grade 4-12

Upcoming Webinar

APSEA Reports

APSEA Virtual

Designed to provide students with opportunities to meet and connect virtually with peers, as well as benefit from accessing the expertise of a diverse group of APSEA specialists and educators.

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