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Serving Children and Youth Who are Deaf,
Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired.

APSEA News & Events

Storybooks on a table, one book is open with magical smoke rising up showing a tree with mountains in the background with a few clouds; there is an ASl interpreter shown in a small circle signing Thank you.

ASL Storytime

Cozy up in the comfort of your home and join us for children’s ASL storytelling. Our fun and engaging storytellers will whisk children and adults away on a new storybook adventure.

Children's toys including a plastic truck, car and a teddy bear sitting in a bucket.

Spring 2023 Regional Gatherings

Playdate-type get-togethers for Early Learners who are Blind/Visually Impaired or Deaf/Hard of Hearing and their families.

Collection of items floating in space (auch as an astronaut, planets, stars, pencil, easrser, book, globe)

APSEA Virtual

Designed to provide students with opportunities to meet and connect virtually with peers, as well as benefit from accessing the expertise of a diverse group of APSEA specialists and educators.

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