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Function-Based Interventions for Negatively Reinforced Problem Behaviour

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Presented By: Dr. Linda LeBlanc

Presentation Overview
Learners with ASD and diverse needs may engage in a variety of challenging or interfering behaviours to escape or avoid instructional demands. There are a number of different intervention options to address behaviours that are sensitive to escape, but choosing the intervention that is most likely to be effective is each unique situation may not be an easy task. Dr. LeBlanc and her colleagues have developed a decision-making model to help practitioners determine the most effective strategy to address negatively reinforced problem behaviour by considering the unique context and circumstances of each situation

Presenter Bio
Dr. Linda LeBlanc received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University and has published over 90 articles and book chapters on topics such as behavioral treatment of autism, technology-based behavioral interventions, behavioral gerontology, and system development in human services. Dr. LeBlanc is a licensed psychologist and president of LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting. She is also the executive director of Trumpet Behavioral Health and has served as a professor at Claremeont McKenna College, Western Michigan University, and Auburn University.

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