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Supporting Increased Independence in Activities of Daily Living for Children with Autism

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Webinar Overview

Recorded: November 25, 2021
Victoria Cernjak (she/her) has been working as an occupational therapist in pediatrics since 2006. She has a wide variety of experience including working in three provinces, two EIBI programs, three school boards, inpatients, outpatients (including homes and daycares), public sector, private sector, direct care and leadership roles. The majority of Victoria’s time in pediatrics has been spent supporting young children (mostly ages 3-8) with a diagnosis of autism and their families. This work has become her passion and she is so grateful for all of the training and experiences she has had as a result. Victoria is currently on leave from her direct clinical work as an OT while she supports the IWK kids rehab team as the interim rehab coordinator. In her role as rehab coordinator, Victoria supports clinicians and teams to integrate learning of best practices in pediatric rehab.

This webinar focused on how to support children with autism, who are new to school, with increased independence in dressing, mealtime routines and toilet training. The goals of the webinar were:

  1. Understand typical development in these areas.
  2. Think about what to consider prior to implementing strategies.
  3. Identify some strategies to support increased independence.
  4. Where to go for more support.
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