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Webinar Overview

Recorded: March 31, 2021
Problems are inevitable. Therefore, having a strong problem-solving repertoire is critical for professional effectiveness. The natural tendency is to avoid the problem, which often worsens the problem. This presentation will teach a 5-step structured approach to allow you to approach problems with confidence in your ability to analyze the problem, generate potential solutions, and evaluate the success of the chosen option. At each step, behavioral strategies are presented to help you maximize your effectiveness. This problem-solving approach is later used in trainings on clinical decision making.


Dr. Linda LeBlanc received her Ph.D. from Louisianna State University and has published more than 90 articles and book chapters on topics such as behavioural treatment of autism, technology-based behavioural interventions, behavioural gerontology, leadership, and system development in human services. Dr. LeBlanc is a licensed psychologist and president of LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting, based in Golden, Colarado. She has alos served as the Executive Director of Trumpet Behavioral Health and has held faculty positions at Claremont McKenna College, Western Michigan Universty, and Auburn University.


Serving Children & Youth Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired