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Video Transcript

Where the Wild Things Are

Written by Maurice Sendak

A little boy named Max put on his wolf outfit.

Max got himself into some mischief!

Max picked up a fork and chased his dog all around the house.

His mother said, “Stop! You are a WILD thing! Go to your room. You won’t be having any supper tonight.”

Max looked at his mom and said, “I will eat you up!”

“Go to your room!” said his mom.

He went in his room and angrily paced back and forth.

Then he noticed a tree growing up from the bedroom floor, then another, and another, until finally the roof and walls burst off!

Max was feeling mischievous!

AN ocean flowed by and Max spotted a boat with his name written on the side.

He hopped in and sailed away through the weeks and years.

A dragon popped his head out of the water, but Max just kept on sailing.

As Max got closer to land, he could see monsters.

They had googly yellow eyes, gnarled teeth, long sharp claws and horns sticking out of their heads.

Max said “STOP!” and all the monsters froze and bowed down to him.

“You are the MOST wild thing!” they said.

Max put on his crown and became king of the wild things.

They had fun playing, dancing, and swinging from tree to tree.

They had a blast!

While they were playing, Max hopped on a monster’s back and paraded around some more.

They played until the early morning.

Finally, the monsters were tired and went to sleep.

Max sat alone. He started to feel sad and lonely. He missed home.

He gave up being king of where the wild things are and decided to go back home.

He got into his boat and began to sail away.

As he looked back, the wild things cried “No no no! We love you! Please don’t go. We will eat you!”

But Max said “no”.

He waved goodbye. The wild things roared and showed their claws.

He sailed back through years and years, weeks and weeks, days and days, months and months.

Max slept as he sailed and sailed.

Finally he bumped into home and tied up his boat.

Supper was there in his room. He took a big bite and the forest disappeared – each and every tree, one by one, until they were all gone.

The end!