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A closed shoe box with lid. The box has outdoor objects attached to the top and sides that include rocks, pinecones, dandelion flowers, tree leaves, long grass, dried plants with seed pods, and several small sticks. Some sticks are standing upright from the top of the lidAn open shoe box with outdoor objects inside. These include a bag of seeded out dandelion heads, a small tree branch with lichen, and lily of the valley flowers stems and leaves.

Take the objects that you have gathered from your walk outdoors to complete a sensory box craft. You can store your outdoor “treasures” using the box and can explore them at other times. There is lots of opportunity to talk about where you found them, and how they feel, smell, and look.

You will need:

  • a box with a lid (e.g. shoe box)
  • various small objects collected on an outdoor walk or outside exploration of the yard
  • bottled glue and/or glue gun
  • pen, small screwdriver or nail (to punch small holes on lid, if desired)
  • scotch tape (optional)

Do a bit of planning and decide what objects should go in what location (e.g. a long stick might go better on a long side of the box, pine cone or leaves might go on top or a short side, a heavy rock might be stored inside the box)

Take your adhesive and start to attach the objects.

  • If using glue, you may need to be patient and hold or tape down objects while the glue sets (glue sticks only work for thin items like leaves)
  • A glue gun will require close adult supervision

Enjoy your time together!