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Movement – Kinesthetic, proprioceptive, and vestibular senses:

These senses include the sense of balance and of the body’s position in space. Independent travel skills, efficient movement for physical activities, and demonstrating appropriate body language are all areas that benefit from sensory efficiency in this area.

Ways to use movement outdoors:

Since there is usually more space outside, this is the time to run, jump, roll on the grass (or down a hill), and slide. Cartwheels, slip & slide activities, trampoline jumping, and playgrounds all provide many opportunities to incorporate large movements in play.

What if the outdoor area is small (e.g. balcony)?

Breathe deeply, stretch, or try some yoga positions.

What if my child can’t run or jump, etc.?

Outdoors can still provide different movement opportunities than inside.

For example, see if an adapted swing be set up outside on the deck? Can a hammock be set up?

Swinging and turning adds to the proprioceptive and vestibular senses in important ways when other movement is not possible.