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If you have had your hearing or your child’s hearing tested at the audiologist, you have likely seen an audiogram!

An audiogram is a graph that shows information about a person’s hearing. It might seem hard to figure out what it means at first, but it is easy once you know how!

This video has really nice explanation of how to read an audiogram.

After watching the video play the “Race to the audiologist (PDF)” game to practice learning about the audiogram.

Here is a link from the John Tracy Clinic about the familiar sounds audiogram.

This is what a familiar sounds audiogram looks like. You can download this audiogram as a PDF on the right hand side when you go to the John Tracy link.

Audiogram indicating familiar sounds and showing the 'sound banana'

This audiogram shows where familiar sounds would be found on the audiogram.

The second page of the PDF that you can download from the John Tracy link includes some more information if you would like to read more about the audiogram and what it means.


Print out these images (PDF) and use them for a sorting activity. Younger children can sort the images into two piles, loud things and quiet things! Older children can sort the images in a line from quietest to loudest.

For an extra challenge, children can sort these items as to where they fall in terms of frequency! Again, younger children can sort the sounds into two piles, high frequency and low frequency sounds. Have fun!

Extra Challenge Activity

Now that you and your child have had a chance to examine where some familiar sounds might fall on the audiogram, you can do a sound walk around the house or in your neighborhood and discuss where the sounds that you hear might be found on an audiogram!