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Video Script

Hi, John again. In this video, we will be talking about the different names for awards.

One type of award is called a scholarship. Scholarships are usually given to students based on their grades. If your grades are excellent, then there are lots of scholarships you can apply for.

Another type of award is called a bursary. Bursaries are usually given based on need. What this means is, if you want to go to college or university and don’t have the money to pay for it yourself, bursaries might be right for you.

Then there are grants, which are quantities of money usually given by the government, organizations like APSEA, for example, for a specific purpose.

No matter if you apply for an award, a scholarship, a bursary or a grant, the two things they all have in common is that you have to use the money for the cost of going to college or university, and you don’t have to pay the money back.

Two more videos to go. Next time we’ll be talking about where to go to find the awards you’ll be applying for. In the meantime, let’s play another game.

Ever play Headbandz? In this game, players each put on a crown like this with a card that has a picture on it and a description of what’s on the picture, and they have to take turns asking questions to the other players to figure out what their picture is. They can ask as many questions as possible to figure out what their picture is, but only have a minute to figure it out. They might say, “Am I an animal? “Am I a food?” “Am I a vehicle?” Now, I don’t expect you to run out and buy your own Headbanz game. You could, however, just go to the Dollar store and pick up some pens and post-it notes or sticky notes, like this (Hold up notes). Each person takes ten or so notes and draws a picture and writes the name of the image on the sticky note. Then players take one note and everyone sticks one to their forehead. So, for example, if the picture on my forehead is a ring, I might ask the other players, “Am I a food?” No. “Am I a vehicle?” No. “Am I an animal?” No. “Am I a toy?” No. “Am I jewelry?” Yes. “Am I worn around the neck?” No. “Am I worn on the wrist?” No. “Am I worn on a finger?” Yes! Then I might guess, “Am I a ring?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve won your round, and then you go on to the next person for them to ask questions to guess their picture.

Join me next time for the next awards video, and the next game.