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Video Script

Hi, John again. In this video, we’ll be talking about the different kinds of awards you can apply for.

Now, you might be thinking something like, “I can’t apply for an award because my grades aren’t good enough, or I’m on an IPP.” Don’t worry about it. The great thing about awards is that there’s an award for everyone, regardless of your grades or what kind of program you’re on in school. Here are a few examples:

  1. Awards based on achievement. This usually means grades, so if your grades are excellent, you can apply for these.
  2. Awards for students with a hearing loss, or a vision loss. The great thing about these awards is that you can only apply for them if you have a hearing loss, or a vision loss. If you don’t, you cannot apply for them. This means that for these awards all the other students in your school who don’t have a hearing or a vision loss cannot apply for them, so that means less competition for you. Keep in mind that if you’re applying for one of these awards, in your application you’ll probably need to provide either an audiogram or hearing report, or an eye or vision report, before your application will be accepted.
  3. Awards for students with disabilities. If you have a hearing loss or a vision loss, you can apply for these awards.
  4. Leadership and community involvement. These are awards that you can only apply for if you’re involved in some way with your community or part of a community group. So for example, if you just so happen to be involved in your local girl guides of Canada group, or Scouts Canada, or local boys and girls club, or involved with your local church or place of worship, or in some other way an active member of your local community, these awards are for you.
  5. The next type of award depends on what you want to study when you finish high school. For example, if you want to go to college to study to be an electrician, there are awards just for people who want to study to become an electrician. If you want to go to university to study to be a scientist, there are awards just for people who want to study to become scientists. The same goes for a whole lot of other careers, so if you decide you want to become an early childhood educator, or a nurse or doctor, or a teacher, or a lab worker, or whatever it is you want to be, chances are there is an award out there you can apply for.

These are just a few examples of the different kinds of awards there are out there. For a more complete list, go the document I talked about at the beginning of the video: Awards – Everything You Need To Know.

Good luck, and have fun!