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Grab some chalk and head outside! Children love drawing with chalk- so let them go ahead- but this time the big people are going to draw a few things too! This is a great activity to help your child build their listening and speaking vocabulary, following directions, and learning early concepts too.

Who can do it?

Children of any level – it can be simplified or enriched for more advanced vocabulary and following complex directions.

Why do it?

Playing intentionally with sidewalk chalk is an engaging way to practice the following listening skills:

  • Developing a listening vocabulary through themes- every time you say the word as you play, you are helping your child developing an auditory memory of the word
  • Following directions through listening: E.g. Find the big square! Or Where’s the playground?
  • Developing early concepts through listening: E.g., “Through”, “on”, “Around”, “Biggest”
  • Listening activities help develop your child’s spoken language too- every time your child gets to tell you what to do, he or she needs to try to use their new words.

How to begin?

Watch these short videos with our sidewalk chalk!

What else can we do?

  • Choose different vocabulary themes the next time: Toys, Tools, Food, Utensils, Clothes…