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For Students with Hearing Loss

Realistic problem-solving scenarios that students with a hearing loss could possibly encounter

Self Determination and Advocacy should be a very critical element for Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons lives. The following five problem solving scenario’s from the school setting are a sample of how Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons need to continually educate their communication partners and advocate for their own needs. The resource where these five scenarios were obtained along with many more can be found by searching “Problem Solving Scenarios to Develop Self-Advocacy for Students with Hearing loss”.

  1. Your teacher wears a transmitter to amplify his/her speech that goes directly to your hearing aid/C.I. There are times that you would like him/her to put the transmitter on mute, such as when working with a small group of classmates. What would you say to explain this to the teacher?
  2. What would you do and/or say if you realized that you forgot to wear your personal amplification to school one day? What would you say to your teacher when you got to school?
  3. Your teacher organized the classroom seating plan on the first day of school. The area that your teacher placed you in is difficult for you to hear because of your hearing loss and you do not have a view of the teacher’s mouth when he/she is speaking and you rely on lip-reading often in school. What would you do or say?
  4. You would like to know how to read your audiogram and the kind of hearing loss you have, whether it be a sensorineural hearing loss or a conductive hearing loss? Who would you seek out to ask so you can learn more about it? Why is it important that you know how to read your audiogram and learn about the type of hearing loss you have?
  5. You think you only heard half of an instruction in the classroom setting because you do not really understand what you need to do to in order to accurately complete an assignment. What would you say to your teacher for clarification?