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Accessibility and Travel II: Exploring Planes, Trains, and Canes Again

Grades: 6+

Schedule: Tuesdays at 4 pm (AST), beginning March 28

Led by O&M Specialist and visually impaired international traveler, Peter Parsons, with support from the APSEA Mentors for Students who are blind or visually impaired, this program explores Orientation and Mobility in the context of international travel. Designed for students who are interested in thinking beyond local experiences with O&M, this series introduces season two of the vlog, Planes, Trains, and Canes, which features Professor Mona Minkara’s solo adventures as a blind traveler to new destinations in Sweden, Norway, and Peru. During each 45-minute session, students will explore an episode of the vlog together and follow up with a group discussion about the accessibility topics raised, and the differences encountered in each location. Dr. Minkara sets a great example of effective communication, self-advocacy, and technology skills as she documents her travels. Students will leave this program with a broadened sense of what to expect, and how to be prepared for, the use of public transportation in urban and international travel.

Check out the Planes, Trains, and Canes website for more information.

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