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The Impact of Scholarship Support

By Hannah Wade (former DHH student)

Hi, my name is Hannah Wade and since birth I’ve had a moderate-bilateral hearing loss. As many of you are aware, APSEA offers great support and over the last four years, I have been fortunate to receive annual support through the Interprovincial School Development Association (ISDA) scholarship program. It has been, and still is, encouraging to have the support of APSEA every year as I pursue my academic career at Saint Mary’s University (SMU). I am currently in my final year of my Honours Psychology Degree and working on a thesis project with my supervisor, Dr. Conrad. The project is looking at regularities in our language and how children acquire and use this knowledge implicitly in spelling and reading. I am enjoying the academic challenge as well as using the experience I have already gained while working on my thesis. As well, I am currently an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for a course called Human Development and am in the process of applying for a Bachelor of Education program and ultimately would like to obtain a Masters degree in Deaf Education.

During my third year of university, I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Literacy and Language Lab at Dalhousie University. Becoming involved with research in the lab helped me gain experience in research before starting my thesis, and I really enjoyed ’learning the ropes’ of working in research. I also really enjoyed using the knowledge from the classroom at SMU, and applying it practically. As well, I got involved with my Church at Deep Water (located in the North End of Halifax) by being a ‘Small Group’ leader for the children ministry called Upstream. Upstream has such an awesome dynamic and the children have a lot of fun singing, dancing, watching the adults act out a silly skit from the Bible, and then getting involved with fun activities in their small groups. I have had the privilege to lead a small group of awesome Grade 2 and 3 children for over a year now. The children often have funny stories to share, and are always so eager to learn! In addition, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a coach for an Active start and Fundamental soccer program in my hometown for children ages 5 to 12 this summer. I really enjoyed getting to know the kids and teaching soccer skills.

The commitment and opportunities I have for volunteering would not likely be possible if I had to work part-time during the school year, which I was fortunate enough to not have to do because I am a scholarship recipient. I don’t think I can fully express my gratitude for the continued support I have received from APSEA through the ISDA scholarship. Receiving a scholarship, of any amount, helps decrease the financial burden students feel. Aside from the financial support, it has been really encouraging to have the ongoing support from APSEA throughout the four years of my undergraduate degree as a Hard of Hearing student.

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