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APSEA STP Students Give Back

Three students stand behind a counter selling their packaged dog treats. A donation box sits to the left.As part of a short-term program (STP) at the APSEA centre, four high school students from across Nova Scotia participated in a transition week, December 10-14 2018, focusing on community outreach!

This transition week focused on a number of areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum, and allowed these students to showcase some of their many skills!

With the holiday season fast approaching, the goal of the week was to build hygiene kits to donate to the St. George’s Round Church, in Halifax, NS. Students worked together with the STP team to organize a fundraiser to raise enough money to purchase supplies for these kits.

At the start of the week, this group of students was quick to start planning for their fundraiser with a goal of raising $150. Together, they prepared dog biscuits to sell to APSEA staff as well as accepted donations. Preparing for this fundraiser required a number of skills such as: food management, reading braille and electronic recipes, packaging the biscuits for sale, determining the price per bag, advertising, social skills, and money skills.

This group of four, pulled off an excellent fundraiser, exceeding their goal and raising $165!

A student sits at a table assembling a hygiene kit.Once they had counted the money raised and organized a shopping list, the students planned a bus route to a local dollar store and the kit shopping commenced. Loaded down with bags of toiletries and smiles on their faces, the students then organized and assembled the kits.

With the $165 they were able to purchase enough hygiene supplies to build 26 kits. Kit items included a combination of the following items: combs, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, razors, shaving cream, and nail kits.

Throughout the week, the group of students learned about the St. George’s Round Church and identified different skills they would need to become a volunteer in their own communities. The culmination of the week ended in delivery of the kits to St. George’s Round Church, and a chance to speak with the volunteer coordinator.

We are so proud of all their hard work throughout this week!

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