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By Patsy Newman, Auxiliary President

Did you know?
The APSEA Auxiliary was started in 1974 at the Halifax School for the Blind by the volunteer coordinator who recognized the need for donations of money and other items to support the students, who at that time, lived in residence during the school year.

Did you know?
The first members came from various church groups, community organizations and interested individuals. The School for the Blind Auxiliary (as it was called until 1995) first received financial support from church and community groups. Events such as the Fall Fair, Bridge/Dessert Social, Fashion Shows, Bake Sales and Plant Sales soon became valuable fundraising events. As well, larger donations left as bequests to the School for the Blind Auxiliary were invested and became the financial backbone of the Auxiliary for many years to follow.

The APSEA Auxiliary continues to hold two main annual fundraising activities; the Fall Fair and Bridge/Dessert Social. As well, donations from individuals, church groups and community organizations generate revenue for the Auxiliary. More recently, special events for the Auxiliary included Terry Kelly performing at a dinner and a Janus Band reunion dance party (the original School for The Blind Band from the late 70’s). Earlier this month, in honor of Sir Frederick Fraser and the commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, a fundraising concert was organized. Retired APSEA staff and former students performed at the concert, along with musicians David Stone and Tony Mombourquette and it was hosted by actor Christian Murray.

Did You Know?
Requests are made by APSEA staff which on average total around $2000 or more each month. These requests can include, but are not limited to; funding support for technology and adaptive equipment, financial assistance to enroll in recreational and cultural activities, application fees for post-secondary, grad fees and class trip costs, and help with scholastic projects such as sign language and tutoring fees. The most consistent requests includes financial assistance to families for the purchase of hearing aids, ear molds and repair, eye glasses and contact lenses and other costs related to the specific needs of the child. The APSEA Auxiliary gives two post-secondary bursaries and four other cash awards to APSEA students on a yearly basis.

Did you know?
The APSEA Auxiliary is always interested in new membership. The group meets monthly from September to May at APSEA and new members are always welcome! The Auxiliary includes both male and female membership. The APSEA Auxiliary is exploring new possibilities regarding alternative models for the Auxiliary and fundraising activities. If you have ideas that may help with attracting new membership and fundraising possibilities, we would like to hear them—contact me by phone (902-478-4193).

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