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Individualized services designed to meet the needs of the child and family, are available to pre-school aged children with a diagnosed hearing loss who live in the provinces of New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Through regular home visits and/or support in preschools, an APSEA itinerant teacher works with the family and other professionals to create the optimal language learning environment for each child.

Services assist in building a communication system for the child who is deaf or hard of hearing and the family. Natural parent-child interactions and conversations are used to encourage normal language development. With appropriate and consistent amplification, the child is taught to use and develop their residual hearing. Effective language practices are incorporated into daily living activities which help create a natural, stimulating home environment.

The Itinerant Teacher coaches the parents in the use of strategies to assist in developing receptive and expressive communication skills specific to the child’s needs. The parents are encouraged to expand these strategies into daily living.