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My child will be going to preschool or daycare? What services will APSEA provide?
The home is the preferred environment for service delivery, however, some circumstances may dictate that children be seen at alternate locations. Typically home visits occur weekly with an additional visit to preschool/daycare where appropriate. For children who are enrolled in preschool, itinerant teachers may provide information and strategies to support the staff working with these children in the areas of audiology, speech, language, and communication development. The itinerant teacher models strategies to assist in developing receptive and expressive communication skills specific to the child’s needs.

Hearing aids are really expensive. Where can I get financial assistance?
The following are examples of programs that may provide financial assistance: The Children's Trust Fund, President's Choice Charity, The Elks Canada, local service organizations and the APSEA Auxiliary.  Each one of these organizations requires different application criteria. Ask your Audiologist or APSEA Itinerant Teacher for more information. 

Where do I go to buy batteries and other accessories?
Batteries and other accessories can be ordered for both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick students from the APSEA Audiology Department. Please use the Hearing Aid Accessory Order Form (PDF) - Nova Scotia and PEI and the Hearing Aid Battery Order Form (PDF) - New Brunswick to order supplies from APSEA.

My child has hearing aids. Why does he/she also need an FM / DM system?
Hearing aids work well at close range (within 3 feet) and in a quiet environment. FM/DM systems bring the parents voice directly to the child’s ear from a distance of up to 100 meters which will allow your child to hear you when they are in another room or outside playing, or when in a noisy room.