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- Hallie Thompson (grade 9 DHH student)

You think to yourself
How you wish you could shut the world out
Just close your eyes
And fade out all hearing
Just for a bit to stay low
Little do u know
Not hearing puts you in an all time low

You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping
The sound to you may be disturbing
But let me tell you
As I woke up every morning
To the sound of silence
I wished to have found just one sound

The death of my deafness brought me down
No one to hear nowhere to go nothing to look forward to
This was my life lost in a world with loss of hearing
Five senses four are visible one nowhere to be found

Not hearing brought out the worst in me
I thought to myself if only I couldn’t see
I didn’t have much to live for
My head hurt from trying to be normal I was so sore
My thoughts got to me
But being deaf has taught me about me

My hearing was as dead as the dodo bird
My ears were useless
There was no point in having a pair if they  wouldn’t work
I wasn’t ready for life
I was as steady as a rocking chair
Trying to catch up to life everything I missed out on
I was as slow as a snail
I missed out on so much
Seven years felt like seventy

As time went by
I hoped that my hearing would speak to me
That I’d hear myself and everything else
Stranded alone in a room
Only hearing sounds of loud vrooms
All I wanted to hear was the sounds of nature

I could hear
Seven years waiting
Hours of risky surgery
And I could finally hear
As I stepped outside
Eyes filled with tears
I heard the buzz sounds of insects
The sounds of nature
Seven years waiting
I wasn’t lost in a world without sounds
I was found

I am normal
A normal fourteen year old teenager
Nothing is wrong nothing major
I’ve accepted who I am
And well if you cannot
You sure have not been taught
About the gift of hearing
And life itself

Serving Children & Youth Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired