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Seen and Heard Newsletter - June 2018

Superintendent’s Corner

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end I would like to take the opportunity to thank APSEA’s Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers who helped make this year successful for the children, youth and families served by APSEA. This is a time to celebrate all the accomplishments made by individual students and staff and the important work we do as an organization!

It is a busy time of year with lots of work happening to end one school year and prepare for the next, as well as the excitement of additional extra-curricular activities. Staffing is a predominant area of focus during these final months of the school year and updates to APSEA’s staffing for the 2018-2019 school year are well underway.

Our work is advancing in supporting the strategic themes of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan; creating safe and inclusive culture, enhancing service delivery, and communication. Strategic Plan Committees have been meeting independently to work on each specific area of focus. Thank you to committee members and stakeholders for your contributions to this very important work.

The Diversity Team continues to explore opportunities to support a culture within APSEA that is safe and socially just, with a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion. Staff and the Board of Directors have been encouraged to delve into these themes through facilitated sessions, created in partnership with staff and external partners. We endeavor to ensure fairness, equity and inclusion are integrated as essential principles in all of the policies, programs, and daily operations at APSEA.

As an organization we continue to grow and explore new challenges and opportunities, each one of us contributing to the success of APSEA as a whole. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication in providing enhanced service and support to the children, youth and families whom we serve.

Have a pleasant, safe and restful summer!

In this issue...

Pancake Breakfast

APSEA held a pancake breakfast for staff and students on February 13, 2018. The Superintendent and Directors traditionally serve breakfast and this year were joined by Bob Gardiner, Chair of the APSEA Board of Directors.

Staff behind the counter at the breakfast
Left to Right: Glenda Parsons, Director of Programs (BVI), Bob Gardiner, Lisa Doucet, Superintendent, Heather Conrad, Director of Finance and Lori Moore, Director of Programs


Serving Children & Youth Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired