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APSEA is pleased to report that Glenda Parsons, Director of Programs for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired, received the Distinguished Service Award at the Canadian Vision Teachers’ Conference held in Edmonton, AB, May 3-5, 2018. This Award is presented to an individual indirectly involved in activities that substantially benefit or contribute to the education of children and youth who are blind or partially sighted. The intent of this award is to acknowledge and celebrate those in administrative positions, university professors, braille transcribers, etc.

Award criteria include that the Nominee:

  • serves with long-standing dedication to students who are blind or who have low vision;
  • contributes to innovation or creative programs for students who are blind or who have low vision;
  • sees the ability in every student and encourages students to see ability within themselves;
  • contributes to a collaborative teaching and learning environment;
  • supports, facilitates, and promotes continuous professional learning in the field;
  • sets high standards and helps others reach them; and enhances the lives of students who are blind or who have low vision.

Congratulations Glenda!


Serving Children & Youth Who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing/Blind or Visually Impaired